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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Hermes manufactures an unparalleled portfolio of API’s, Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals to cater to the growing demands of the global pharmaceutical industry. Our diverse portfolio includes Muscle Relaxants, Antidepressants, Antiparkinsonians, Antifungals, Cardiovascular drugs etc. which are sold to both Innovators and Generic Manufacturers all around the world.

Our API division is supported by our technologically advanced R&D team who aids in every step from the conceptual stage to the final delivery in the marketplace. We have developed innovative processes and have patented them to create value for the customer by offering the best product at low prices.

Our API team is also supported by our advanced Quality team and Sophisticated Instruments. We have all the necessary instruments in-house such as HPLC’s, Headspace GC’s, FTIR’s, Polarimeters etc. which have helped us achieve a zero rejection rate by actively monitoring the quality of our product and deliver the best product to our customers consistently.

Hermes is filing DMF’s worldwide and is ensuring its entry into all the major regulated markets.