E.H.S Policy

We at ‘HCCPL” consider Environment, Occupational Health and Safety with utmost priority and key enablers for our responsible business principles and success factors to contribute our commitment towards United National Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

This policy recognizes the Environment, Occupational, Health and safety of all our stakeholders, neighbouring communities and is the shared responsibility of management and all employees.

We shall perform and strive to achieve ‘Zero Harm’ principle by:

  • Consider Environment, Occupational Health and Safety into practices in order to provide safe and healthy working environment for the prevention of work- related injury and ill health.
  • Working towards Prevention of Pollution and reduction in consumption of natural resources through various Resource efficiency measures
  • Work proactively and contribute within our capacity in the ecosystem challenges like Climate Change, Pharmaceutical in Environment (PiE), Customer health and Safety, Community awareness, Biodiversity, Ecosystem, Water management, Emission and Waste minimization
  • Operate business in legally compliant manner in conformance with national legislative framework as well as other contractual and international norms as applicable to our business activities
  • Develop performance management framework for Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and report progress, aligning with long terms Sustainability Road Map
  • Adhere to principle of Transparency in disclosure of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety performance data/information to authorities and other stakeholders as applicable
  • Work towards uplift Stakeholder awareness in the area of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety
  • We are committed to continual improvement of the environmental and OHS management system to enhance environmental and OHS performance.

Our EHS Policy is implemented through a comprehensive EHS Management System, overseen by administrative arrangements that involve all levels of the Company. Our performance is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure our standards of conduct meet our high expectations, and that the Policy continues to be of value to our employees, business, customers, and public.