Hermes Chemical Company Private Limited (HCCPL) was incorporated in 2001, but started production in 2006 in its GMP approved facility, is a manufacturer and supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s), Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals and is credited with many firsts in India such as the first company to manufacture Biperiden Hcl, N-Butyl Lithium, Montelukast intermediates, Donepezil Hcl intermediates etc and one of the only companies to sell Biperiden Hcl to Brazil.

HCCPL manufactures products for a wide range of therapeutic categories such as Antifungals, Antiparkinsonians, Anti-inflammatories, Antihypertensives, Antipsychotics, Antidepressants, Anti-asthmatic’s etc. One of our core values is to manufacture every API we make from basic to ensure lack of dependance on any outside vendor which can be reflected in our entire value chain.

HCCPL manufactures products, processes, and employs systems as per industry standards, and tries to make continuous improvements to deliver quality products. We are proud to mention that we are a zero-rejection company. Our facility is spread over 10 acres of land with dedicated areas for warehouses, QA, QC, R & D, production, utilities etc. We have clean rooms to finish our intermediates and API’s to ensure the highest quality possible for every customer worldwide.

Due to the above competitive advantages we have developed a healthy mix of both exporting our products to more than 25 countries worldwide such as Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Poland just to name a few as well as partnering with the biggest companies domestically such as Aurobindo Pharma, Sun Pharma, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Torrent Pharmaceuticals etc.

Finally, we are a people centric organization that is driven by chemistry. We believe in only hiring the best in every department and continuously improving our processes to provide highest quality products at the lowest prices to all our customers and in the process also reward all our stakeholders alike.

Below are some of our Key Success Factors: